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Computing speak, like any occupation, can become full of strange terms, acronyms, phrases and insider gossip, which means little to anyone without training.

On this page you will hopefully find helpful definitions to some of the more common terms used by those in the computing business.

  1. CPU - Central Processing Unit - The brain, used to control the computer, process your work, and do calculations. The faster the CPU, the better.
  2. Ram - Random Access Memory - used for the quick processing of data. The more RAM, the quicker the computer generally is.
  3. Hard Drive - used to store all the data on the computer, such as photographs, files, music.
  4. GPU - Graphics Processing Unit. - Used to display images on the screen quickly. Some computers have separate GPU cards, while some are included on the motherboard.
  5. Motherboard - The main circuit board, that links all the parts of the computer together. The CPU, RAM and GPU all attach to the motherboard.
  6. Cache - a quicker version of RAM, normally attached to the CPU.
  7. Cookies - A little file used by some websites to recognise you when you return. Most cookies are very useful to the operation of a website. For example a cookie may let a website remember where you live and hence provide a local weather forcast. Some cookies can be a security threat, but this is rare. Be cautious, but not scared out of the water!

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