From general computing support, to a full range of websites and marketing, PcKernow is available to support you at home and your business.
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Remote Support

Pckernow is pleased to offer remote support to residents, and businesses. Using a range of software, we can, with your permission, connect remotely to your computer, and help you with your computing problem.

Remote Support – Do’s and Dont’s.

Remote computing support is a valuable tool, which allows computing support to happen, without having to wait for an inperson, on site visit. Saving time, and reducing the impact of travelling to site.

Remote computing support is benefical for a number of organisation, but we should all be aware of the security risks. The golden rule, is never allow someone to connect to your computer, unless you request it, or you have initiated the call to a respectable organisation, like Pckernow.

If someone calls you out of the blue, saying you have a computer problem, please just hang up – this is a fake call, and they will do nothing, but take your money, leaving you out of pocket, and probably with a faulty computer.

Instructions for our remote support, are published on our remote page.

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