Websites, Search Engine Optimisation

Pckernow has becoming a leading I.T. company, providing high-quality websites, computing support and marketing to local businesses – we pride ourselves in supporting local businesses – we can, (and do) get you up the search engine results!


  • Photography for your business
  • SEO Campaigns
  • Targeted results
  • Social Media

Computing Support

Pckernow started off by providing computing support to homes and local businesses – and we still do!

  • Secure networks, Wifi, mobile.
  • Computers sales.
  • Remote support, on the day.
  • Mac and Windows support.

Desktops, Software and Security Packages

Pckernow has supplied and installed a full range of desktops, laptops, software and security products.

  • Website security.
  • Software packages.
  • Desktops, networks and laptop sales.
  • Security software.
Pckernow, total computing solutions
Desktops, laptops, computers, tablets and phones
Desktop, laptops, tablets, phones and software

Software Development

Pckernow develops Databases to meet bespoke requirements!

  • Databases to make business easier.
  • From design to implementation.
  • Full range of software options.

Fast, Friendly and Reliable

Pckernow has grown a trusted relationship with its customers – we respond within the best time possible, and provide friendly advice to meet your computing, software, website and online marketing requirements.

Stay Up To Date

Pckernow recommends you keep your computers, phones and websites up to date – updates can be a pain, but they are often related to security, or performance improvements – if you don’t know how to check your updates, then follow our simple guide here.

Software updates can be carried out through your settings – store app – some devices will have times, which you can set to receive the necessary updates, and restart your system if required.

Security Software

Sadly there are many threats online that risk your computer, website and data – it is a sensible, (must) idea to have good security software on your computer, network and website.

Use 2FA where possible to secure your accounts, and check you have a way to recover your passwords on a device like your mobile phone.

Pckernow can help check your security, provide the software and keep you safe on line.

Search Engine Optimisation

There is no value in having an expensive website, unless everyone can find you – Pckernow are experts in developing your marketing, search engine results and creating value for money from your social media.

Give Pckernow a call, and see how we can help you improve your search engine performance – and start attacting a social media following.

Pckernow will even write your online content, (based around your ideas) and help with your social media pressence.

Pckernow is your one-stop shop to become succesful online business and presence.

Website Developement

Designed with you, and your business in mind – you’ll be involved every step of the way – to get the website you want.

Continuous Support

Your website will be supported by Pckernow – to grow your business online.

Remote Computing Support

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Études Architectural Solutions.


We’ll discuss your website design with you – develop the requirements, and work to produce a result that delivers for your business.

Business Data Flow

There is no point having IT, if your business doesn’t join up the information, Pckernow offers a service to help you streamline your information and data flows.

Security Solutions, Software, Websites

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Études Architectural Solutions.

Remote Support

Pckernow is pleased to offer remote support to residents, and businesses. Using a range of software, we can, with your permission, connect remotely to your computer, and help you with your computing problem.

Remote Support – Do’s and Dont’s.

Remote computing support is a valuable tool, which allows computing support to happen, without having to wait for an inperson, on site visit. Saving time, and reducing the impact of travelling to site.

Remote computing support is benefical for a number of organisation, but we should all be aware of the security risks. The golden rule, is never allow someone to connect to your computer, unless you request it, or you have initiated the call to a respectable organisation, like Pckernow.

If someone calls you out of the blue, saying you have a computer problem, please just hang up – this is a fake call, and they will do nothing, but take your money, leaving you out of pocket, and probably with a faulty computer.

Instructions for our remote support, are published on our remote page.

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✔ Online Marketing

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Pckernow offers a range of service, get in touch to find out how we can help your business computing, website and social media.

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