PcKernow has been developing websites for over ten years, and we specialise in websites for the business and home user. Whether you are building a site to get yourself online for the first time, aiming to start selling on the web, or just want to be on the internet, then PcKernow can help. We develop sites to your specification, and site down with you, guaranteeing you get what you want, and not want the developer thinks you require.

PcKernow is Different

Too many times I hear from my customers that the website they ordered is not what they were delivered. PcKernow is different.

Our design and website development starts with, works with you at the centre, and finishes with you as the customer.

How we design a website with you

  • Firstly we meet you, you get to learn about PcKernow, but more importantly we get to meet you.
  • We view your business, understand your philosophy.
  • With you, we develop a set of requirements to define the website, what you want it to do and how.
  • We agree the website style, colour and themes.
  • PcKernow will develop some outline drawings and then discuss and agree these with you.
  • Website development takes place, with you constantly able to review and observe progress.
  • The website is delivered to you.
  • You are hopefully happy and recommend us to other customers.

Call us to explore the best options, whether you just want some online presence or want to start selling online, PcKernow is here to help you grow onto the web.

Search Results

Get Noticed

You pay for a website, get it online, but the key is to get noticed. PcKernow can deliver and help your website rise through those search results so your business is on top.

Our marketing is delivering, and you business can benefit too with our brand support. Give PcKernow a call, and we will get your company noticed, your products on top and your profit line growing.

Marketing is key, but many businesses find the time to market limited – sit back and let PcKernow develop your brand, with targeted articles, social media and promotions.

Call Pckernow to keep your business at the top of the those search results.