Computers in the work place are indispensable today. To be competitive, any business has to use their computers effectively, safely and in a way that brings value.

All too often computers in the work place can become expensive paper weights, just being used for email, browsing, and for your staff to do their online shopping. This is often a fraction of their potential to you, and your business.

Let PcKernow support you, check the security, reliability and effectiveness of your network. We will advise you on how things can be improved, provide training and make sure your outlay on I.T. is not wasted.

We can provide advice on:

  • Computing for your business
  • Online safety for your staff, customers and business
  • Backing up
  • Networks
  • Websites

Networks are cost effective ways to improve the efficiency of your business. PcKernow can set up your network allowing your colleagues to share files, emails, calendar appointments, printers and insure all your data is backed up. Using suitable technologies your colleagues can work at home, travel and still access your company files and stay in touch with email.

A well planned network means your business can grow its I.T. into the future, and allow you to relax and concentrate on what makes your business. Covering South East Cornwall and Plymouth, PcKernow can design, purchase and install your network with cabling and electrics done by registered electricians.

Tip: A work environment is prone to data lost or corruption due to the number of people you have working on it. Always insure your computers are password protected and monitor what your employees do on the internet. Threats can exist even on the most popular of websites – social websites, videos, music downloads can all bring in Trojans to your network and business.

Our Commitment to Business

For business in Cornwall and Plymouth, PcKernow aims to provide the power and support of an I.T. department, without the cost of you employing full time staff, or the annoyance of using distant call services.

Based in Liskeard, we support the South East area of Cornwall and Plymouth, and will happily come to your site. Whether you want to be able to work from home, but stay connected to the office, or want to set up a network for all your staff we can help.

Based on over fifteen years computing and software experience, PcKernow has been providing computing support to the local community and has a number of regular business and domestic clients.

We can help you set up a business network, support your business after a virus outbreak, or design you a website.
It doesn’t matter how confident you are with computers and technology, PcKernow will aim to defeat the jargon, or, if you wish to learn more, provide computing lessons.